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Project: H22MIV

Halloween 2022

Leading  up  to  Halloween  2022  I  performed  in  five  different  makeup  personas.  SFX  makeup  has  been a practice  of  mine  since  dipping  into  it  eight  years  ago. In  2021  I  still  performed  in five  days  of personas,  but  they  were  not as  extravagant,  and  lacked proper  documentation.  I  knew  2022  was  going  to  be different.

Can Head: Day 1


I got a lot of reactions from this one. Baja blast was a joke between my friends and I so in this look I wanted to pretend I was “Baja blasted.” The can was simply sitting on my head surrounded by my fake skin sauce with some blood.


A  month  and  a  half  of  preparation  and experimentation  for the whole week, took place  starting  mid-August  to  Late  October.

EX Scientist: Day 2

I put myself in the mind of a scientist that experimented on themselves. Tinfoil created the realistic metallic appearance (an upgrade from 2021). After making myself appear scarred and slightly burned, I pre-soldered custom flickering LEDS to be installed in my "skin" the day of becoming this character (it’s safe I made sure).


Rainbow Eater: Day 3


I just wanted to do a rainbow look. But instead of cheery, make it unsettling. Fake skin and face paint was used.

The  skin  sauce  concoction is  kosher,  vegan,  halal,  good  for  your  skin,  and technically  edible  (not recommended).  The  skin  sauce then  has  pigment  mixed  in  for color.  After  use  the  skin  sauce  is melted  back  into  a  cubic  mold for  storage  and  re-use  on  the next  wear.

Snerson: Day 4

The snake mask was a pre-prepped piece made about two weeks before it was worn. It was overall finished with green skin sauce, and fake blood. The design was inspired by AI generated images then re-designed by me to become a physical 3D wearable.

For the more front face covering personas, using  an  N95  mask  as  a facial  base  is  still  a  relatively  new practice  as  of  2020  (obviously).

- Safety first
- Creates  a larger  and  more  stable facial  structure  to  build  off  of.

- Sealing  myself  in  al l   day  requires  meditation  and  mental preparation.


The Halloween Zombie: Day 5 (The Big Day)


Zombie is a general term. I researched the stages of decay and ways the body breaks down over time. Zombification keeps the body alive, yet infected. I wanted a lot of blood. In my version of a zombie blood was still flowing even though the majority of the skin is ripped into pieces and the brain is exposed. Rice acted as "maggots" filling yellowish infected holes. This shows even ‘un-dead’ the body is still trying to heal. The teeth are acrylic nails attached to an N95 mask and covered in skin sauce (seen in the beginning of the short film). Various different colors were used on a pre-decorated glatzan bald cap that I could slide on my head the morning of (time-saver even though it still took about 3 hours). And for the final touch from my freshly shaven head I used my own hair for extra texture on the head.

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